7 thoughts on “Perfect reflaction

  1. Ah, yes, so very perfectly breathtaking…you always bring a smile!

    As the soft soothing mists surrounded the dawn
    My mind could only think of what you might bring
    What treasures you would send my way today
    The jewels I might find which only belong to me

    For what your lovely eyes seem to embrace and capture
    Are such a breathtaking rhapsody for a heart to behold
    As your joyful spirit brings to life pleasant new beginnings
    Full of pristine moments of joy framed in priceless gold

    And I will wait each day for your heart to wholesomely deliver
    The many rare heavenly beauties which you will soon display
    Because what you share is always the rarest of treasures
    Which brings a beautiful blessing of happiness to restfully stay.


    The image you shared inspired a poem, as so many of them can do…I have said one day I would deliver one to what you share my sister, hope you like this. God bless you always Jorchid, have a wonderful weekend

    1. Thank you so much Wendell for your beautiful words. I really enjoyed your poem and hope everybody else does the same! I always appreciate your support and hope you and your family have a great weekend as well 🙂

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