3 thoughts on “In between!

  1. One day I had said to you I love the pictures you always shared, and if you allowed me to and you emailed me a picture or two I would write poems to them and send them back to you to share on your blog. You have always read my poems and I am appreciative of that. if you want to try my email should be on the comment when it comes to you. I think it would be fun and I admire what you do my sister. So think about it and let me know. I want to share something different with you, here is the link visit it, like it and share it with your friends and let me know what you think. The next video will be from another track on a CD that I collaborated on with a musician friend of mine. My wife did the video and chose the images. But the next one will be romantic…you can have a sneak peak of the track! God bless you always and keep sharing your outstanding shots! the link is http://youtu.be/KY6kpbRLF1Q

    1. Wendell, thank you so much for writing a nice comment and asking to write a poem to my pictures! Its very nice of you. As I said in page about me these are not my pictures I am just sharing the ones that I enjoy but it doesn’t mean that you can not write a beautiful poem about them and share your talent! Please feel free to pick any picture that like to write about and share them in our blogs. Thank you again for your kindness.

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